About Me

Matthew I’m a Rotarian and a Rotary Youth Exchange alumni, living in Canberra, Australia.

I am an enthusiast of technology, digital communications, world history, cartography, geography, music, my family tree, and digital photography.

As a child of the 1970s and 80s, I remain astounded with our hyper-connected world.

I enjoy learning more about societies and their cultures located in far-off lands around the world, and I am an observer of domestic and international politics.

I begin my journey with photography as a teenager when I took photography classes at high school; I purchased my own SLR film camera (which I still have) and created a darkroom in my home where I processed the (black and white) film and developed photos. Nowadays, I primarily capture photos with my iPhone, which is occasionally supplanted by my digital SLR.

Rotary Youth Exchange portrait
The Rotary Youth Exchange blazer is a treasured emblem of one’s exchange and is emblazoned with badges and pins during the exchange year.

30 years since my Rotary Youth Exchange, I remain an enthusiastic supporter of the program and my family and I give back by hosting inbound Youth Exchange students, offering an opportunity to experience a #lifeinayear in Australia.

In addition, my children are now members of the Rotary Youth Exchange alumni family; my daughter experienced 12 months abroad in Germany in 2014/15 and my son experienced 12 months abroad in the Netherlands in 2018/19.