About Me

My FamilyI have a layman’s fascination with emerging technologies.

I believe the Internet is the best thing since sliced bread.

I’m rarely seen without a mobile telephony device within arms length and I have a seemingly ongoing fascination with mobile (cellphone) communication technologies, having now become enamoured with Apple’s ecosystem.

I can be found on various social networks:

Facebook: Matthew Winnett

Twitter: @MatthewWinnett

I’m keen to re-connect: with old friends, as well as my Rotary Youth Exchange year in Finland during 1989/90, which remains a highlight of my life.

I’m fascinated with the existence of the (relatively rare) Winnett family name throughout the world.

I’ve rekindled my teenage love of photography (nowadays principally via the mobile medium) and I wish to allow it to bloom as a midlife hobby.

I wish to unleash my inhibitions and allow this site to become an outlet for my mind.