The Lonely Rail

This image captures the Queanbeyan to Bombala railway line at Tralee, New South Wales and looks north towards Queanbeyan.

Significantly, the disused railway line also delineates the border between the State of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

The construction of the line occurred over 100 years ago when travelling by rail was far more efficient and comfortable than road transportation.

This part of the line captured in the image has been previously reopened and maintained by the Australian Railway Historical Society (ACT Division) as a tourist railway between Queanbeyan and Michelago, although no trains have operated the line since 2006.

More recently, interest has arisen to convert the line into a Rail Trail for use by horse riders, mountain bikers and walkers. Generally, the process of converting a railway line into a Rail Trail involves the removal of the rails. Although, this process remains a challenge as the removal of rails from a railway line in the State of New South Wales requires an Act of Parliament to officially close the line. I imagine this would remain a contentious issue to overcome, particularly for railway enthusiasts who remain ever hopeful that rail lines may be reopened and operated as tourist railways.

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