A Father’s Day in Remembrance

Dad aged 19
Dad aged 19

12 months ago today I published a Father’s Day tribute to my Dad.

Without any expectation for what the future would hold for my parents, I felt compelled to publicly compile a short tribute and publish a small collection of historical photographs of Dad and his family, in addition to some selected photos of Dad which were taken during our Father’s Day outing.

This tribute evolved into a testimonial of my father. It was shared widely, particularly by my mother.

A little over a month later my father died in his sleep at home.

My sisters, my family and the extended family came together to embrace and formally give Dad fitting Farewell to Dad.

Dad aged 79
Dad aged 79

12 months after my last Father’s Day with Dad, my Mum, my family and I attended Dad’s grave to remember and commemorate Father’s Day together.

Dad is dearly missed and Mum, in particular, wishes that the love of her life was still with her today.


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