Hello world!

Antique GlobeWriting one’s first blog post is not a task to be taken lightly…

For some time now I have been wanting to create a presence on the Internet and join the millions of faceless personalities on their pursuit of individualism.

I’ve joined several communities so far, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Like a leach I’m attempting to strap onto the virtual superhighway and throw myself out there, and juggle with the by-product of the World Wide Web: spam, phishing and malware.

I suspect many blogs are created by wannabe Journalists, and maybe I fall into that category. I was told once in High School that I ought to be a journalist as I was told I was always asking questions – but I never pursued that pearl of career advice. I was also told that I never gave much away about myself and even now I dislike people’s aimless line of questioning in the name of ‘creating a conversation’. Usually I’m not very good at hiding my disinterest although as I grow older I’m learning that people will enjoy speaking to you if one can roll along with the topic. This is especially true with relatives that one might only see once a year, for instance.

Before writing my first Blog I ran a Google search on Blogging and I found a site with Ten Tips for writing a blog post.

Tip No. 1 was make my opinion known – something I’m going to have to learn if I develop this little diversion (my mother would call it a time-wasting exercise…).

Tip No. 4 was 250 words per blog post was enough – and according to my word count, I’m over.

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