Father’s Day – A Pictorial Tribute

My father, my Dad.

As young man, my Dad was attempting to find his way after completing high school and returned to his childhood home from boarding school. He assisted his father in the family run business in the small rural town.

Dad was a handsome fellow and attracted the attentions of my Mum from within the community in which they both grew up.

Dad and scooter

Dad and Mum fell in love and married as a young couple. They established themselves in the community, building their first home together.

Through the ups and downs over 10 years, my parents produced my 3 siblings and I.

4 children & John 1971

It certainly wasn’t always smooth sailing raising my 3 sisters and I. I think expectations were always set very high and there was probably a real desire to see us all aim high and achieve our goals.

As a father now myself, I think I can now appreciate where my father was coming from. Sometimes expectations can establish themselves deep within us, as a parent, as unmet aspirations and a desire to avoid the roadblocks of life for our offspring. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, as they say.


Happy Father’s Day Dad and to all Dads. We’re not perfect, but we love our children and that’s what really matters.


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